Things Celebrity Singles Need to Know Before Dating a Celebrity

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dating a celebrity

The lives of celebrity singles are not much different from non-celebs, given that they also fall in love and like to spend time with their romantic partners. But there are many important factors that can work against such relationships, and end them prematurely. These factors could be big egos, professional rivalry, huge media attention, public craze, falling brand value etc. If you are a single celeb who is enamored by another celeb, here are a few things to know and consider before dating a celebrity.

You have to respect his / her profession

It is easy to mock the profession of your celeb boyfriend / girlfriend if you are from a different professional background. For instance, if you are from sports and she is from showbiz, you could be having a sense of inferiority about her profession. Avoid showing that to her, and draw a line to even your jokes about her work and career. You never know when you hit a raw nerve and upset your date.

You have to accept that there will be gossips about him / her

The media survives on salacious gossips, and they cook up stuffs about single celebrities where they cannot find anything. There might not be smoke without fire, but there is no reason to see smoke everywhere when it comes to dating a celeb who has taken time out of his / her busy schedule to meet you. Once the two of you will be an “item”, there will be gossips galore to break the two of you apart and hinting at “trouble in paradise”. But at that point, you have to remember that your romantic interest would neither have met you nor kept in touch with you had there not been any attraction.

You need to accept that you will be an “it-couple”

As a celebrity twosome, you will have to accept that the two of you will be photographed wherever you go. You cannot possibly avoid being shot by the paparazzi and captured on camera. It is easy to lose your cool, especially when the two of you want some quality “me-time” with each other. But it is vital that you realize as public figures, both of you will be at the center of the attention as long as the two of you are seen together. It will be the stuff of Page 3 gossip. You have to smile and accept the unwanted attention, and try to get used to it all. Remember that many couples who meet celebrities would probably be ready to give anything to be in your shoes.

You have date with forethought

Once you start dating a celebrity, there will be even more attention and speculation about your lives. You need to consider whether you can handle the craze or would it be better for you to date a non-celeb and avoid the extra interest of the media and the public. If you feel that you have enough attention already, it might be better to nip the celebrity dating before it begins.