Celebrity Dating Advice & Tips

How to Meet a Celebrity, Especially Single Female Celebrities?

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single female celebritiesIf you want to meet a celebrity with the intention of dating them, then it’s important that you go into the process with the right mindset and tools that will help you achieve your goal. Unlike dating non-celebrities, celebrity dating comes with a series of special tips and considerations that should be followed if you want to meet celebrities and have a chance of actually dating them. This is especially true for single female celebrities, who may take special precautions when going about the dating seen...

Things Celebrity Singles Need to Know Before Dating a Celebrity 

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dating a celebrityThe lives of celebrity singles are not much different from non-celebs, given that they also fall in love and like to spend time with their romantic partners. But there are many important factors that can work against such relationships, and end them prematurely. These factors could be big egos, professional rivalry, huge media attention, public craze, falling brand value etc. If you are a single celebrity who is enamored by another celebrity, here are a few things to know and consider before dating a celebrity...

What is a Celebrity? How to Date a Celebrity?  

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how to date a celebrityIt is the dream of every fangirl or fanboy to date their celeb crush. Dating a celebrity is all about glamour, glitzy lifestyle, good looks and so much more. It is often thought that dating a celebrity is not as easy as dating anyone else. And then there is a perception that celebrities don’t really go out with their fans or people who are not in the limelight. Although it is correct to some extent that celebrities are a bit hesitant when it comes to dating someone other than a celebrity...